If you want to be added to Stilleto Escorts please send your information to advertise@stilettoes.co.za or phone 065 893 8824.

Advertisement options:

Website launch deal: Only R350 for an entire month. Photo shoot included.

Each option above, except for the one week option, includes a photo shoot that has to be completed within 7 days of payment. After 7 days an additional fee will be charged. Please keep in mind that photo shoots are not required for each renewal of your advert. However new photo shoots are required every 3 months to keep you and your client happy.

For renewals of your advert, please ensure your payment is made in Stilettoe's account with your reference number. 

Bank: First National Bank (FNB)
Bank Account Name: JNude PTY Ltd
Account Number: 627 144 76729
Branch Code: 250655


  • Once photos have been approved by the advertiser, these photos cannot be changed and becomes the property of Stilettoes.
  • If changing of images is required, this will carry an additional fee of R150 without the extension of an advert.
  • Images will be uploaded within 24 hours.